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About Moondog Audio Restoration Services

Moondog Audio Restoration Services was founded by Brian Talley, a veteran musician, music collector, and archivist, who has embraced the best of the digital revolution, without sacrificing the organic nature of listening pleasures.

Moondog Audio Restoration Services is uniquely qualified to handle your most precious recordings:

We Understand Digital Technology

Moondog Audio Restoration Services uses state-of-the-art technology and has extensive experience with digital audio and imagery. Sometimes the best solution isn't the obvious one. In fact, knowing when and how to manually redraw a waveform can make a good recording great.

We Have a Passion For Music

Great audio restoration involves more than just technology. We share a profound appreciation for all types of music, and we'll go the extra mile to bring out the best in your audio treasures.

We Can Provide Top Quality At Reasonable Prices

Our team of experts is dedicated to producing the highest quality work. At the same time, we work to keep our services affordable. Why? We love our work. And we know you will, too.

Moondog Audio Restoration Services is a division of Moondog Audio, an independent label and production house for "one-off" CD mastering and original CD cover and label design. Typically such masters are to create or augment collections for radio broadcasting, as well as independent and major label releases. Moondog Audio also provides consulting services to individuals buying and selling music collections.

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