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Our Clients

Here are just a few of our many clients. (To hear some of our work, visit Hear Samples.)


Warner Archives/Rhino
Transferred and restored Alice Cooper track from lacquer and 1/4" reel-to-reel for "The Life & Crimes Of Alice Cooper" box set.
Sam/Dan Studios
Cleaned old vinyl/acetate recordings


Ellis Hall (Former Tower of Power Vocalist & Keyboardist)
Restored cassette master
Anna Ferraro (Contemporary Jazz Pianist)
Mixing and mastering from CD and cassette source
Maestro Alex Gregory (Electric Guitar/Mandolin Wizard)
Eq'd cassette for CD pre-master
Joan Rice (Classical Diva)
Restoration from lacquer
Nighthawks/Jimmy Thackery
Cleaned and restored the first Nighthawks album
The Rub (80's Punk Group)
Cleaned and re-mastered from vinyl source (master)
Stacey Rowles (Jazz Recording Artist)
Remastering and cleanup of cassette only master
Deborah Ross-Sullivan (Voice Over Artist)
Matched sonically newly cleaned-up voice over track recorded at one studio to the remaining tracks recorded from another studio
Ennio Bolognini (Master Classical Cellist/Recording Artist)
1/4" analog tape transfers from home and studio recordings--cleaned and de-noised and restored for transferal to CD digital format
Doc Evans Dixieland Band
1/4" 2 track tape transferals that were early attempts of making stereo recordings. The problem was that one channel was slightly off (by a second), creating an echo or delay effect. The second channel was positioned correctly by computer to start exactly with the first channel. The recording was then de-noised and remastered for CD.
50's Spoken Word Recording
1/4" European analog tape transferals from 1950's recorded on player using standard European voltage so tapes had to be speed corrected as well as de-noised
Dread I (Reggae Artist)
Redesigned CD cover artwork for "Da Africanos" as well as designing/co-designing covers for three other releases
World War II News Recordings and Radio Broadcasts
Cleaned, de-noised and de-clicked lacquers
Lawrence DeFoe (Band Leader/Singer)
Cleaned lacquer transferals from late 50's of Canadian choral group by de-clicking and de-noising almost unlistenable lacquers to be used for a short film
Eric Lowen (Lowen and Navarro performing/songwriting duo and songwriter for artists Pat Benatar and The Bangles)
1/4" tape transfer and re-eq of 1970's television theme song, "Hello Larry" for future CD release