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Ask Moondog

Here are some answers to the questions we hear most. If you don't see your question here, feel free to Contact Us - we'll be happy to help.

Q. Audio restoration sounds interesting - but what can I use it for?

A. Audio restoration is a wonderful way to preserve your priceless memories. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Preserve vintage recordings
  • Create an historical perspective
  • Contribute to the preservation of cultural rarities
  • Preserve family history recordings (i.e. old reel to reels and cassettes)
  • Immortalize "special occasion" tracks
  • Record your son's or daughter's first recital
  • Or just about anything!
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Q. I have an old vinyl recording of myself from 20 years ago that's pretty beat up. Can you make it sound like a new recording?

A. We do a lot of this type of restoration. The first step is to delicately clean and inspect the record's surface. The correct playback needle is selected and the material is transferred to digital audio tape (DAT). The digital tracks are then transferred to the computer. This is where the restoration process begins in earnest and may include speed correction, scratch removal, elimination of clicks and pops, equalization, and "sweetening". Finally the tracks are output to a CD. We can also restore that beat-up old record jacket and create a CD cover and label for your new masterpiece.

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Q. I have a killer collection of early Elvis LPs. Can I have them transferred to CD?

A. Most Elvis recordings are already commercially available on CD and have already been cleaned and restored. It would not be cost-effective to reinvent the wheel. The rule of thumb here is: "If it exists on CD, buy it."

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Q. Can you create a CD from a cassette (and make it sound good)?

A. In most cases, yes. In some cases, cassette tape is so brittle or stretched that it won't play. Tape can be affected by age, storage conditions such as temperature or dust, and the original quality of the tape. But often we can create a master quality CD from an ordinary cassette through our sophisticated restoration techniques.

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Q. I would like to put together a collection of my wife's favorite songs for her birthday. What would you charge to do that?

A. Assuming that you provide the songs, it would be billed at our hourly rate of $50/hour. The final price would depend on how many sources the audio comes from, as well as the number of songs being used.

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Q. I'm getting married and I can't afford a band. Can you create CDs with music from my favorite groups (and make it acceptable to my parents...)?

A. Absolutely! (And congratulations!)

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Q. What's up with the dog?

A. The name and logo of Moondog is in loving memory of Tank, our founder's old pet. Tank moved on to the dog park in the sky in 1997, but his love of music lives on!